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'Where Fools Go' is a nuanced and haunting experimental film set in the Wild West that explores an intricate story of love and betrayal. It unveils the complexity of human nature and draws parallels to the raw and unpredictable wilderness. A poetic reminder that we are mere witnesses to the mysteries of existence, and that life's beauty and tragedy coexist in harmonious discord.


Director & Editor - Kassy Mahea

 Cinematographer - Amber Steele 

Color - Zack Hetledge

 Song ‘Elena’ - Dan Barracuda

Sound Mix - Brian Baltar

Actors - Cynthia Joe, Christian Johansen, Kristie Ryan, Colby MurphyCamera & Film - @kodak_shootfilm @panavisionofficial @spectrafilm @thom_kuo

Big thanks to @williamtv

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