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Hey Folks!

My name is Kass Mahea, and I am a freelance filmmaker and actress based in Los Angeles, California.

From the Big Island of Hawaii, I quickly learned the art of staying creative in the face of island fever. This meant connecting with friends, shooting short films, playing dress-up, experimenting, and studying the rest of the world through my TV screen.

Fast forward to today, and I find myself on the other side of that very same TV screen! My storytelling style intertwines a dash of darkness, a pinch of surrealism, a whisk of quirk, and a sprinkle of grit. I love to explore the darker aspects of the human condition with a playful touch.

So, if you're keen to chat or collaborate, hit me up via email at


Can't wait to hear from you!


Life isn't to be taken too seriously, otherwise we'd all be miserable. Filmmaking helps celebrate how absolutely absurd we all are.

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