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’My Shadow Is Red’ is a visual poem.

This piece is a powerful statement depicting the psychological evolution of a woman battling her own psyche. Our character sees her ‘shadow’ and is confronted by all that it represents as a reflection of herself. 

The color Red has always historically symbolized a flurry of different human emotions: passion, anger, strength, ego, aggression. It is also the color of blood.

Director & Editor : Kassy Mahea 
Director of Photography : Sam O’melia 
Assistant Director : Joss Nadine 
Gaffer : Ryan Jansen 
Assistant Camera : Justin Scheidt 
Grip : Micheal Tell 
Grip : Thomas Semple 
Makeup and Hair : Kourtney Kain 
Stylist : Claire Lee
Model : Mondiana Diamond
Clothing : Vex Clothing 
Music : Barren Gates “How It Ends”

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